Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Civic Doody, Signing Off

Six years ago my family and I moved across the country to Spokane for what we hoped would be a long and happy tenure at Spokane Civic Theatre. Two months later, our hopes were dashed in a debacle that altered the course of our lives drastically.

This blog has been my attempt to chronicle that experience, register my protest, and hold the appropriate parties responsible.

But the truth is that I grew tired of this and would have taken Civic Doody down years ago if not for  litigation that was initiated in 2013 to intimidate me into silence. It felt important to not let bullying tactics win the day—and so it has remained in defiance of those efforts. As of this writing, trial isn’t even scheduled until the fall of 2017.

Meanwhile, my family and I have made lemonade from lemons and have managed to recover sufficiently from the damage that was done to us so that we can now, at long last, head eastward to be closer to family and lifelong friends. By the time you read this, we will be gone.

While I continue to believe that leaving Civic Doody intact is not only justifiable but also the ethically correct thing to do under the circumstances, it feels right to leave as much of this experience in the rearview mirror as possible — to let my literal departure from Spokane provide a corresponding metaphorical one. As of today, all posts but this one will be unpublished.

Let me be clear: no wrong has been righted here; specifically, no representative of Spokane Civic Theatre has ever made even a token effort to address the fiasco that unfolded in October, 2010. As far as I know, they have failed to address any of the financial, professional and/or emotional harm that was done to many good people over the years.

That is a shame, but it is a concern that I now leave behind, having learned to never again let small people have even an ounce of influence over the well being of my family, but also grateful to have met some of most wonderful, supportive, loyal and cherished friends I will ever have the pleasure of knowing — people who made this whole ordeal survivable. You know who you are.

So long, Spokane. I'm off to do my civic duty elsewhere.